Maan Research & Development could be labeled as a self-made story. Maan Research & Development origins from a history that started in an old barn, with passion for adhesive- and bonding techniques.

Over the years research and development gained a more prominent role within Maan Group. The increasing focus on thinking, developing and innovating in the field of adhesive-and surface techniques resulted in the official establishment of Maan Research and Development on the 1st of January 2012.

1996 – establishment LC Maan engineering ltd.
The Raalte based Maan Group was established by André and Mariet Jansen in 1996. Until today he is still the owner of Maan Group, which covers Maan Engineering, Maan Special Products and Maan Research & Development. The core task of LC Maan was focused on building glueing machines.

Machine to production
The glued  products became more and more specific, smaller and sophisticated. The demand grew. From this moment on, LC Maan took care of the production.

2006 – Maan Special Products
The production activities gained a more prominent role within LC Maan Engineering. In 2006, the management decided to split Maan in two parts, Lc Maan Engineering (Machine building) and Maan Special Products (production). From this period of time, Maan Special Products grew into an innovative and specialized production company in the field of adhesives and the pre-treatments of surfaces.

Production to development
Maan Special Products received more and more specific questions concerning bonding and adhesives. Also surface treatments became more important. Through this development, a team of specialist established which mainly focuses on the development and innovation within Maan Special Products.

2012 Maan Research & Development
A small laboratory was established to structure development projects and to research specific questions. The specialization in surface treatment techniques was established or also Maan Research & Development. A complete new laboratory gives space to challenging projects.

Maan Group symbolizes the power and cooperation between three disciplines.