Mission and vision

Maan Research & Development is part of Maan Group. Maan Group comprises Maan Engineering, Maan Research & Development, Maan Special Products and M-Cube Hotmelt Solutions.
The secret ingredient of Maan Group is the unique collaboration between the disiplines: development, engineering and production.

“Maan Group aims to bond any compound of materials using sustainable glueing and surface-treatment technologies.”

Maan Research and Development has an important role in the realisation of this dream. Customers can come to R&D for analysis, research of bonding, adhesive or coatings issues.  Maan R&D has also an advising role. These activities together result in the following vision of Maan Research & Development:

“Maan Research & Development provides practical solutions to adhesion issues that test or even exceed the limits of what is technically possible.”

Maan R&D aims to approach this ambition and is constantly looking for new challenges and objectives to convert ongoing projects and new projects in innovative, sustainable and practical solutions